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Antenna Servicing + Repair

If you’re looking for TV Antenna Repair in Melbourne, you can trust that The Tech Wiz will know how to fix it.  Coaxial Healing has completed antenna installations and repairs for builders, real estate agents, corporations, and homeowners around the Melbourne area.

Pixelated picture and audio breakup usually mean weak signal, which can be caused by a number of factors, so simply replacing an antenna is not necessarily going to fix your issue. To determine whether or not your antenna needs repair or replacement, we first must examine the whole system, to rule out other issues that could contribute to poor signal and/or interrupted service.  These considerations include loose cables and connections, bad sockets, or poor antenna positioning. Once we have isolated the problem and identified that your antenna is not functioning properly, we will attempt to repair it if possible. If repair is not possible, we offer a wide range of antennas that are specifically engineered for Australian conditions, and you can rest assured our highly trained technicians will get the job done right. A properly installed, good quality antenna should last upwards of 10 years, making it a safe investment.

To receive your free, no-obligation quote on your TV antenna repair or TV antenna service, call The Tech Wiz at 0487 758 786 today.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!