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Audio Visual & Home Theatre Installation

Home Theatre Installation in Melbourne from The Tech Wiz is guaranteed!  We are experts in installation and can handle all of your needs.  Our versatility lends well to all situations, including but not limited to, installing speakers on brackets, in the ceiling, walls, and even under flooring.  Our work is clean and professional, meaning our lines will be neat, speaker positions top notch, with all wiring and cabling concealed competently.

Our technicians can install any sized TV or projector in a style that will be sure to dazzle.  We can also program, configure, and balance AV amplifiers to optimise your speaker output and create the perfect home theatre environment.  We will account for windows, walls, ceilings, and furniture in the space to build the perfect acoustic setting.

To receive your free, no-obligation quote on your home theatre installation, call The Tech Wiz at 0487 758 786 today.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!