The further your TV is from the antenna, the weaker the signal will generally be. So if you have good reception on a TV that is closer to the antenna, but issues with one that is down the other end of the house, it’s most likely just a case of not having enough signal power.
The solution to this problem is a signal amplifier, also known as an ‘amp’ or a ‘booster’. You might have even seen them on the shelf at your local electrical retailer, but beware as not all signal amplifiers are the same, and some of them will not solve the issue at all. In order for a signal amplifier to be effective, it has to be mounted as close to the antenna as possible. Normally this means mounting it on the antenna mast itself. If you try to install the amplifier near the TV that isn’t working, it won’t be receiving enough signal to help the situation.
Our techs will test the signal from the antenna to the TV in order to calculate the system’s loss. Accounting for cable length and quantity of points is key, as this will determine the position and type of amplifier required.