Sometimes the issue is with your TV, and not your antenna system. If you’re not sure if your TV is working properly, here are a few simple things to check:
1. Might seem obvious, but make sure the power cable to the TV is plugged in and switched on. Usually, there will be a little power indicator light on the TV to let you know that the power is connected.
2. Try turning the TV off and on, both with the remote and at the wall socket and pay close attention to what happens on the screen. If you see something pop up, such as a message, try to take a photo or note it down, as this will help us to troubleshoot it if you decide to give us a call.
3. Try changing the input in the TV to a different source, such as DTV, HDMI 1, HDMI 2 etc and see what happens. If you have a DVD player hooked up, trying to play a DVD is a great way of making sure the TV is working correctly.
4. If you can access the menu on the TV look for a menu called Tuning, DTV, Free to air, or signal, and see if you can run a new auto scan or channel scan. The TV will then try to search for available TV channels and will often show you the number of channels it has been able to find. If you can take a picture of this in progress and/or a picture of the summary at the end, this will help us troubleshoot your problem.